How to deal with relationship betrayal?


Relationship betrayal is one of the worst forms of betrayal that people may encounter, and causes a person's lifelong trust problem. This may be because your partner deceived you, lied to you, or did anything that might undermine your trust. There are several ways to handle and deal with the whole situation, as listed below:

1. Grief; accept what has been done to you and recognize how you feel.
The first part of dealing with betrayal is to realize what has been done to you and accept it. This is a very difficult but crucial step, because you need to understand that your loved one hurt you. Once you begin to accept the damage that has been done, you must recognize how you feel about the situation. You need to tell your emotional response to the betrayal-is this a shame? anger? guilty? disgust? surprise? Fear? First determine your feelings as an act of dealing with the situation yourself, because they will continue to develop and merge with each other.

2. Don't use your precious time and energy for revenge. 

Planning some kind of retaliation will only consume you and waste your time, because it is not an effective way to deal with this situation. You need to realize that you are better than that person and never succumb to their level to get what you want. They are bad guys, but this does not necessarily mean that your behavior is similar to them. Betraying others may satisfy their sinister soul in some way, but it is important to realize that such a cycle should not continue, but can only be broken.

3. Take time and space to heal from betrayal. 

Once a person's feelings have been deeply hurt, they must spend time and space in the recovery process. Healing is a journey, and once the process of grief is completed, full attention is required. Take a break from your daily routine if you need to, but you must give yourself a chance to take a break and focus on yourself. It is difficult to pick up your own pieces one by one, but you can only do it when you are ready.

4. Focus on closing after checking what went wrong.
Observe what went wrong in the relationship and led to the deception. Talk to the person who betrayed you and ask them why. Learn more about why they betrayed you and what they hope to get from it. Talking about what happened and the reasons behind it will help you get the shutdown you deserve. No one should be made to think that they are not good enough or that they should be betrayed, so be sure to talk to them and be aware of the impact of their actions.

5. Disconnect from anyone who exhibits similar behavior or who has repeatedly hurt you. 

A person’s sixth sense exists for a reason. If it reminds you that someone is bad news, please listen immediately. Cut off the relationship with the person who hurt you because of their behavior, so as not to be deceived. They don't care about you or how you feel, and it's not worth investing time or energy in it. To protect your own peace, please make sure to remove such harmful and negative people from your circle.