List of Do’s and Don'ts for your first date


The first date defines how the rest of the relationship will develop. Success depends on the first meeting and the impression that two people leave on each other.


1. Dress well, speak well, and be confident. It is important to be beautiful on the first date, so please dress appropriately according to the type of event and date. Make sure you are confident and not nervous or nervous in front of your date, as this may disappoint you. Treat yourself right to create a positive and lasting impression during dating.

2. Ask the right questions to your date-enough to express your interest in getting to know them. They should feel that you are really interested in learning more about them, because they arouse your interest. Your question should be the right combination of present and future, not provocative or intrusive in any way.

3. When deciding the date, mutually decide which place or activity you both like. The appointment location should be held at a location decided by both parties, and activities that both parties like should be carried out. If only one partner is having fun and the other is not, then dating is meaningless.

4. Discuss your common interests, because they are a great tool for making connections. Finding things that you both have in common will lead to a great conversation start and provide you with great content to start making connections. These can further pave the way for your future activities.

5. Have a positive conversation with a positive attitude, because no one likes a murderer who takes a pessimistic approach to everything. With an optimistic attitude, it will exude positivity and create good memories related to the first date in your partner's mind.


1. Don't let yourself be the focus of attention, put all the focus of dating on yourself. As you discuss all aspects of life, also make your partner feel important. No one likes a narcissistic and narcissistic date, he always puts everything on himself.

2. Don't invade privacy or the boundaries of dating. Since it's the first date, you should act lightly while getting to know each other, instead of indulging in very private or private conversation topics.

3. Don't show up on a date without making any effort on your appearance, dress or smell. It will only make you lazy and uninterested in dating, which is not the impression you want to leave. The important thing is that you seem to be interested in dating and attract your partner's attention.

4. Do not engage in any form of negative conversation. If you have anything to say, please keep silent and don't make any rude comments. Also, don't lie to the point of no return, and be honest about who you are and what you do.

5. Avoid touching your partner unnecessarily so that they begin to feel uncomfortable. Avoid extensive physical contact with your date in any way, because the first date does not mean physical intimacy. Don't cross any boundaries to the point of harassment, and don't put your hands on yourself unless your partner agrees.