Pearl nail art is the newest spring nail trend


When the pandemic first hit, many nail salons had to close their doors and everything became home manicures. Back then, it was all about nail polish, simple manicure procedures and touches that made nails look polished and trimmed. Those who are more creative have experimented with some art and design, which is a cool and fresh way to keep your nails happy and fun during these challenging times. But now that everything is almost back to normal, the nail trend is back and requires a quick trip to the nail salon.

Of most of the spring 2022 nail trends, the pearl nail trend stands out. There are many reasons to love pearls. They are elegant, timeless and versatile. As jewelry, they look great on every outfit and piece, and this spring, they're transferring to nails too. Nails with pearl tones and iridescent polish are trending this spring as they create colorful designs. On the other hand, they are very simple and elegant and thus look great in different fashion options. Compared to other nail art styles, pearls are perfect for those who want a simple and eye-catching nail decoration. The look is very versatile and suits all nail shapes.

Here are some pearl nail inspiration to try this spring:

Subtle decoration

Pearl manicures are the perfect and versatile nail decoration, just the right balance between elegant and unforgettable. There is no better choice for spring than pearl nails. Depending on personal preference and style, you can easily achieve a statement and subtle look with them. They are also suitable for special occasions as well as everyday manicures. Just a blast of multiple pearls on one or two nails is enough to make a statement.


The exact opposite of the previous trend is the Maxed Out trend. This is something minimalists will love. It's easy to do top beading on all five fingers, giving the hand a "heavy" beading look.

Pale hot


Spring always goes hand in hand with pastel nail polish colors. But if you combine pastel colors with pearls, you get an unexpected soft heat. You can choose the latest French manicure with hints of pastel colors, or go all out with pastel colored nails. The beads will pop out anyway.

Playful pink

Pink is always perfect for spring, and when you combine it with pearls, you get a full Barbie look. This is a very playful and funny mani. You can use as much pink as you want and place the beads on it. The number of beads is entirely up to you.

Pearl manicures are a must-have this spring.