These 70s denim style outfits still look great today


If there is something that has been shown in the history of fashion, it is the trend. Trends have repeated or will repeat over time. Some may fade and reappear after a few years, but others are so forgotten that they reappear as a complete surprise. Currently, the denim style of the 70s is a trend that is getting much attention and attention. This includes not only the different types of denim, but also their special styling.

The era of disco and rock 'n' roll became the era of pro-freedom movement. Flowy silhouettes like flared trousers and wide-legs were popular in that era. You definitely remember the flared legs. It also comes in a straight-leg style with or without focus.

Having said that, it's clear that vintage-inspired jeans styles are the most popular. You may find it challenging to style these jeans. Here are some of the best looks featuring '70s denim that's worth showing off today.

Patchwork jeans + cropped knitted top

The first look that definitely and reliably conveyed the '70s aesthetic was paired with paneled jeans and a cropped knit top. This was a very popular look in the disco era of 1974.

Flared jeans + graphic T-shirt

For a casual look and the best of 70s style, another great option is bootie jeans. Opt for blue bootie jeans with a short-sleeve graphic tee for a sportier look.


Women and girls are not particularly fond of wearing suspenders. They are more like men's accessories. But if you look at 70s fashion, you'll immediately notice that suspenders were worn by girls. but it is not the truth. They come in jeans. This is a great look for anyone looking to channel the tomboy style. Braces are a nostalgic item. To give them a retro look today, throw on a crew neck top and patchwork jeans and wear them.

Cuff Jeans + Plush Top

Another rather interesting style from the disco era was boots and flared jeans. These cuffed styles represent '70s denim fashion. This look is still great today, especially in all the denim styles available. With a touch of modernity, you can create this look by simply rolling up straight-leg jeans and layering them with a puffy cardigan. This will give a great retro look.

Flared jeans + tie top

Just like boot jeans, flare jeans are one of the most popular styles of denim. You can easily recreate today's popular retro looks because flared jeans are back in fashion. For every pair you find, you can easily recreate the look with a stylish tie top.