What to talk about on a date with your girlfriend?


Feeling super nervous and don’t know how to talk to your partner? Well, when dating, please have a list of conversion initiators or topics in your mind to instigate while things seem to be reaching a dead end.

First, ask them some very basic questions about themselves. Make them feel that they are the full center of your attention and that you are interested in learning more about them. Ask about their childhood and early education to better understand them. Now, you can talk a little bit about the current topic and ask them about their current occupation or hobbies. After talking about the present, you can also ask them about their expectations for the future and any goals or goals they wish to achieve.

Secondly, everyone has something in common, so treat it lightly when you discover any common interests. Once a middle ground is reached, it is important to thoroughly focus and discuss them. Discussion of common topics helps to establish a better connection between two people and form a better intimate connection. You can discuss anything, from hobbies and interests to any other popular and widely discussed topics.

Third, only indulge in positive conversations. First compliment your girlfriend, tell her how beautiful she looks, or whether you particularly like her appearance, such as her clothes, hair, makeup, etc. After a short conversation, be sure to compliment some non-physical things. They like their cleverness, because women like such compliments. They show that men are not only obsessed with their appearance, but also pay attention to their other qualities and personality attributes. Don't judge yourself negatively in any way, because self-deprecating behavior is a huge disgust.

Also, don't get involved in any sensitive topics or anything that might trigger your girlfriend. Only serious topics such as abuse or anything with a serious tone should be discussed at the right time and in the right environment. Should avoid discussing topics that may cause pain or trouble for the average person in pleasant events such as appointments. Soliciting each other’s opinions on serious topics is essential, but it may not be appropriate to do so during a date. It can also cause emotional or evening disruption, and cause a negative impact on the partner's memory.

Participate in purely relaxed conversations, in which you need to discuss any interesting or awkward moments in your life. Sharing moments like this can promote connections between partners. Don't lie about anything, because lies will only accumulate and cause damage to the relationship. Fallacies are not the basis of healthy relationships and should be completely avoided regardless of their size. Be completely honest with your life and yourself. Honesty and integrity are highly valued in dating and promote healthy and happy relationships.