Smoked Collard Greens and Ham Hocks Recipe

3-4 Large Bunches of Collard Greens; 1-2 lbs Smoked Ham Hocks Cut Into 1″ Cubes; 2 Quarts Chicken Stock; Hot Pepper Vinegar; DIRECTIONS: 1) Rinse the collard leaves well with water. This can be done in the sink or outside in a large pail or bucket. Make sure they’re clean without any dirt or insect eggs on the leaves.

Directions: – Place all ingredients except the ham hocks into a 6 quart slow cooker. With tongs, mix ingredients well making sure all the collard leaves are wet from the broth. – When all ingredients are mixed work the ham hocks into the bottom of the slow cooker. – Cook on low for 9 hours or high for 4 hours stirring every 1-2 hours.

How to make the best collard greens?

Steps to Making The Best Collard Greens EVAH!

  • Prep – you gotta prep what the collards go into, baby.
  • Simmer – You’re gonna turn the heat to low and simmer the onions, seasonings, and ham hocks for thirty minuets!
  • Cook – After it is done simmering you will add the collard greens to the pot and cook for 20 minutes, or until tender.

How to cook collard greens the healthy way?


  • To prepare the collards: Cut out the thick center rib out of each collard green.
  • Heat a large, heavy-bottomed skillet over medium-high heat, then add the olive oil.
  • Stir until all of the greens are lightly coated in oil, then let them cook for about 30 seconds before stirring again.

How to make Southern, soul food collard greens?

Southern collard greens may look difficult to make but rest assured this recipe will make you look like you’ve been making them your whole life. Collard greens are made with greens of course, smoked turkey, onions and garlic, vinegar, crushed red chili peppers, green peppers, jalapenos (optional) chicken base, salt pepper and a bit of sugar.

What is the best way to cook collard greens?

Method 6 Method 6 of 7: In the Oven Download Article

  1. Prepare the collard greens strips as explained under “Preparing the Greens”.
  2. Preheat the oven to 325ºF/170ºC.
  3. Toss the collard greens with oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Lay flat on sprayed or parchment-covered baking sheet.
  5. Cook for 20 minutes. Turn halfway through the cooking.
  6. Serve straight from the oven. Did you make this recipe?

Collard Greens with Ham Hocks Recipe

1 smoked pork hock (I prefer to use Sunny Valley Smoked Pork Hocks obtained in our area at Haggen’s Market) 2-3 bunches collard greens (depending on the size of the bunches) pinch of sugar, if required; hot sauce on the side, opt. In a large covered pot, add the olive oil and the chopped onions; sauté until tender.

Put the pork skin and bone (smoked ham hocks) into a 5 quart pot with the water. Heat to boiling, then reduce to a simmer. Cover the pot and simmer for 45 minutes. Skim the foam from the broth once or twice. 2. Meanwhile, prepare the collards: Cut away the very thick part of stems. Wash the collard greens thoroughly – They can be very gritty.

Directions In a large pot or Dutch oven, combine ham hocks, onions, garlic, and chicken stock and bring to a simmer. Cover and cook at a bare simmer until hocks are very tender, 2 to 3 hours. Featured Video Remove ham hocks from liquid, transfer to a cutting board, and pull bones from meaty and fatty parts. Discard bones.

Cut out the thickest part of the stems and coarsely chop the greens. Increase the heat under the ham hocks to medium-high; add about one-third of the greens to the pot. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes, or until wilted. Add the remaining greens in two more batches, until all of the greens fit into the pot.

How to Make Southern Collard Greens with Ham Hocks Score the ham hocks in a diamond pattern, cutting through the skin to expose the meat. In a Dutch oven over medium-high heat, add the oil and sear the ham hocks on all sides, about 5 minutes total. Add the chicken stock, garlic powder, and onion powder, stir in the seasonings.

Take 2 or 3 smoked ham hocks and put them in a large (6 quart) pot of water. Bring the water to a boil and let boil for about 1 1/2 hours. Add water as it boils down. You want the ham hocks to be falling apart before you add the collard greens. Take the collard greens and separate the leaves (if fresh) .

Collard Greens with Smoked Ham Hocks

Directions Instructions Checklist Step 1 Combine all ingredients in a 6-quart oval slow cooker. Cover and cook on LOW 9 hours. Carefully remove ham hocks and all bits of bone before stirring greens after cooking. Cool ham hocks, and thoroughly remove all fat and bone; return meat to slow cooker. Stir into greens, and serve. Tips

Add the collard greens to the stock and mix together to ensure coverage of all the greens. Place the collards on the grill, add one chunk of hickory wood—or your favorite smoking wood—and close the lid. Mix the greens and the stock every 15 minutes for 90 minutes, allowing the smoke to incorporate into the greens.

A ham hock or a turkey leg are most common, and the latter is exactly what’s used in this soul food collard greens recipe. The turkey leg will add a richness and depth of flavor that cannot be achieved using any other type of meat.

This recipe will show you how to make traditional Southern collard greens by boiling the meat from a smoked ham hock. Collard greens with ham hocks is a soul food staple side dish and is served during the holidays and for Sunday dinners.

Add all of the ingredients to a large stock pot and fill enough water to almost cover. Place on the stove and bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook, partially covered, at least until tender, about 1 hour. (My pot was tender after an hour, but the longer the ham hock is able to lend its flavor to the pot, the better.

Reduce the heat to high Slow Cook, cover and simmer, for at least an hour or two until the ham starts getting soft and falling apart. Stir in precooked, canned, or frozen black-eyed peas now. Once the soup has come back to a simmer, add the Worcestershire sauce and cook, stirring, for 15 minutes. Add the vinegar and collard greens.


I like to use smoked ham hocks for making southern collard greens. Stack a couple of leaves together, roll them up and chop the leaves. Transfer a layer of greens mixture to the slow cooker.

Add the collard greens to the cooking pot, and turn the heat up to medium-high. Let the greens cook down for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat to medium, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Continue to cook until the greens are tender and dark green, 45 to 60 minutes.

In a large pot or Dutch oven, heat oil over medium heat. Add the onions, ham shanks or ham bone; cook, stirring, until onions are wilted. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute longer. Add the chicken broth and bring to a boil. Add the mustard greens, a few handfuls at a time, adding more as the first batch wilts.

Add the garlic and cook one minute longer. Add the collard greens, diced ham hock meat and the reserved ham hock stock liquid. Cook until the greens are tender, about 30 minutes. Add the vinegar and brown sugar. Stir to dissolve sugar. Taste and season the Ham Hocks & Collard Greens with Nobel Saltworks Hickory Smoked Salt, as needed.

In the preheated Dutch oven, cook bacon until almost crisp. Add onions, and sauté for 8 minutes. Add ham and garlic, and sauté 1 more minute.

About the recipe. This is a good, all-purpose recipe for collard greens that has those sweet, acidic, smoky and spicy notes that make collard greens magical. You can use any smoked pork product you like — such as bacon or country ham — but we like the fact that the natural smokiness of the ham hocks permeate the dish without becoming soggy.

Southern Collard Greens & Ham Hocks

2 bunches (about 2 1/2 pounds) mustard greens, thoroughly washed, picked over for blemished leaves, and tough stems removed*. 1 cup water. Heat the oil in an 8-quart pot over medium heat. Add onion and celery, and cook until softened. Add flour, stir with a wooden spoon until smooth, and cook for 1 to 2 minutes.

Smoked turkey wings are not only delicious, but they are also lower in fat than pork. Feel free to add ham hocks if you prefer them over smoked turkey wings. The crushed red peppers and jalapeños gives the collard greens some kick but you can omit the crushed red peppers if you like.

Place a large stockpot or 6-quart Dutch oven over medium heat. Once hot, add the oil, place the ham bone in the oil and get a good sear on all sides, about 5 minutes. Slowly add in the chicken stock along with the garlic powder, and onion powder to the pot. Stir to combine. Bring to a boil, cover, and lower to a simmer.

Turn the heat to high, add the collard and turnip greens (in batches if necessary), and season with salt to taste. Cook, stirring continuously, until the greens are wilted, 1–2 minutes.

Remove the ham hock from the broth and allow both to cool slightly. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cut the tough ribs and stems away from the collard greens and discard. Plunge the greens into the boiling water and cook for 10 minutes. Drain and cool slightly. Chop the greens coarsely and set aside.

Tender collard greens and smoked ham hocks cooked in the slow cooker. The smokiness from the ham hocks is infused through the collard greens and it’s cooked low and slow for tender, flavorful greens with a fraction of the effort!

Collard Greens with Ham Hocks

The “hock”, is basically the very end of a ham shank, just above the foot but below the knee. It basically looks and tastes like a mini ham. Blood Farms in Groton, where Springdell hocks are processed, has a wonderful new smokehouse (rebuilt following the 2013 fire) in which the hocks are lovingly smoked.

In a large pot, bring the water to a boil. Add the smoked meat and salt. Reduce the heat to medium and cook for 1 hour. Wash the collard greens thoroughly and pat dry. Remove the leaves from the main stems. Stack 6 to 8 leaves on top of each other and roll each stack up. Slice the stacks in 1/2- to 1-inch pieces.

Instructions. Heat the oil in a large stock pot or dutch oven of medium-high heat. Add the onion and ham and cook until the onion is translucent, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for about 1 minute. Add the broth and collard greens, bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Stir in the beans and tomatoes.

2 (1-lb.) smoked ham hocks 1 Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese rind (optional – but I think this makes the flavors blend so nicely) 4 cups chopped fresh collard greens 2 garlic cloves, chopped 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 (14.5-oz.) can fire-roasted diced tomatoes. Directions. Rinse and sort beans according to package directions.

Heat olive oil in an oven-safe skillet. Saute the ham hocks until they become brown and crispy. Pour in the vegetable broth, then turn off the heat and cover with a lid. Bake in the oven for 2 to 3 hours, or until the meat becomes fork-tender.

Mixed review.The sugar seems an unecessary addition. While the final outcome was tasty, the recipe directions seemed to be missing a few steps. After the ham hocks cooked for 2 hours, I removed them from the braise, removed the meat, and — to avoid overkooking the meat — returned it to the greens towards the last fifteen minutes of cooking.

Southern Collard Greens with Ham Hocks

How do you reheat smoked pork hocks? Place in a pan with a shallow layer of water or stock in the bottom of the pan. Cover with foil and seal foil around edges of roasting pan. Place the covered ham in the oven and reheat your smoked ham to an internal temperature of 140°F. To measure temperature, place a meat thermometer next to the femur bone.

Soul Food Collard Greens. Collard greens are a southern staple that is perfect for Sunday dinners, and the holidays alike! In the south, we make them with smoked meats which really compliments their natural flavor. These soul food-style collard greens can be made with smoked turkey legs, smoked turkey wings, or ham hocks.

Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey is a go to collards recipe and awesome as a holiday side dish. Smoked turkey leg infuses these perfectly cooked greens with amazing flavor versus the traditional ham hock. This is a delicious side dish with southern roots and great flavor.

Adding fat to the keto ham and greens dish also helps you metabolize the vitamins and nutrients as well. This is why it’s a common practice to add something fatty like ham, or bacon, to greens. Ham or bacon also takes the flavor of the keto collard greens to a whole new level too! Of course, you can always omit ham hocks for a vegan version.

Add ham hocks on top of greens. Cook HIGH 3-4 hours or LOW 6-8. Remove ham hock, shred meat, and place meat back in the slow cooker. Add salt, pepper, & sugar to taste. Instant Pot. Add the broth to the pressure cooker. Stir in greens. Add apple cider vinegar, salt, and sugar/sweetener if using. Add ham hocks on top.

2 good sized ham hocks. Salt and pepper to taste. Honey to taste. Make a stock out of the ham hocks. Place them in a stock pot and cover with water. Ham hocks need to cook for a good hour, at least, until they are tender. After the smoked meat stock is ready, add chopped collard greens to the boiling stock and let them cook for 15 or 20 minutes.


The Most Delicious Collard Greens Soup. Y’all, this collard greens soup with beans and ham is giving you cozy + comforting vibes!. Have you ever had traditional Southern collard greens before? If so, you’re in for a nice treat, peeps! I like to think of this soup recipe as a related family member to a side of collard greens because it’s super similar.

Add the onion garlic sage paprika black pepper and cayenne. Smoked Ham Hock with Roasted Potatoes Gastro Senses. Heat a large pan or dutch oven on medium high add the avocado oil and when hot add the smoked ham hocks searing on all sides. Carrots garlic red pepper flakes pork hocks collard greens and 6 more.

Bring to a simmer and add the collard greens, ham hock, and sachet. Cook for 1 hour. Remove and discard the sachet. Remove the ham hock and cool slightly. Trim away the skin and fat and dice the lean meat. Add the meat back to the soup. Add the cream and season to taste with the vinegar and Tabasco.

1-2 pounds of smoked ham hock (You can also use smoked kielbasa, or most types of sausage. Just note with a non-smoked sausage you will lose that smoky flavor. 1lb pasta of choice. 4 cloves of garlic (2 for greens & 2 reserved for béchamel shown below) 1 bunch of collard greens (if you are against collards, kale works too) 2 tablespoons olive oil

2. cook the bacon in a large stock pot. 3. add water, broth, and vinegar to pot and bring to a boil. 4. add ham hock and smoked turkey, onions,garlic, salt and pepper.Let mixture boil for ten minutes. 5. add greens and bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 4 – 5 hrs or until well cooked and most of the water is cooked away.