If you can, visit these national parks in 2022!


Deciding which natural wonders to visit first is challenging because there are so many options to choose from. To help, we have developed a list of the world’s top national parks based on expert opinions and characteristics (such as accessibility, number of species, camping options, and impressive natural landmarks).


Yellowstone National Park is a national treasure because of its over 2 million acres of land filled with countless attractions. Many people come back year after year to visit the wonders of Old Faithful Springs and Mammoth Hot Springs, as well as off-travel areas such as Hayden Valley (a great place for wildlife viewing) and Yellowstone Lake (a great place for canoeing or kayaking) .


Yosemite has a variety of breathtaking natural wonders. Yosemite’s famous valley and tunnel views, as well as famous attractions such as El Capitan and Half Dome are just a few of the park’s most popular attractions. When you are in the area, look at the huge redwood forest. There are more than 750 miles of trails to explore in this California park.

Glacier National Park

The crown treasure of Montana is Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park is one of the largest national parks in the world. It covers an area of over 1 million acres and has breathtaking mountain scenery. In order to make the most of the park, I plan to spend many days there.

Grand Canyon

As far as the scenery is concerned, you can't go wrong with this national park. The changeable colors, huge depth and spectacular rock formations of the Grand Canyon always amaze visitors. Flying over the canyon by helicopter, rafting along the Colorado River, or walking the canyon alone will make you marvel at the magnificent beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Serengeti National Park

It’s no secret that Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park was where the great migration took place. Every year, 2 million wildebeests and thousands of gazelles and zebras pass through the park in search of breeding grounds and food. If you can’t guess when this historic event will happen, then regular tours are your best option. Serengeti’s spectacular terrain and wildlife, such as leopards, elephants, lions, buffaloes and rhinos, are all within your grasp.

Jasper National Park

During your visit to this national park, enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including biking, hiking and boating, as well as ice climbing and cross-country skiing. Spring and autumn are ideal times to visit the park, as they provide the best opportunities for bird watching and rushing waterfalls respectively. In Jasper's second largest dark sky reserve, you always have the opportunity to look up at the stars.

Torres del Paine National Park

You may see mountain lions, penguins and whales in the area, but the terrain is the main attraction here. It is home to the Gray Glacier and the world-famous Cuernos del Paine, two of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the park. It’s not uncommon to need a guide to complete the longer O Track and W Trek hikes, both of which can take several days to complete.