How to Befriend Alexa?


Are you one of those people who've heard of Alexa but don't know how it works? Don't hesitate to accept the fact that not everyone is tech-savvy. Or if you want to jump on the Alexa train but don't know the basics, don't worry! We're here to uncover the essential details of using this powerful AI tool, Alexa!

So if you have a smartphone, you're probably familiar with Siri or Google Assistant. You may have used them multiple times. But have you ever tried to give your loved one a virtual hug? Well, Alexa almost certainly gets the job done! Now that we've got your attention, let's find out where she's from?

Can Alexa Be My Friend?

We know that reading about virtual hugs warms your heart, and you're thinking about making friends with Alexa. But let's see how you can do this?

We all know Amazon. They came up with a smart speaker called the Echo, which is essentially your Alexa virtual home. This is Amazon's voice assistant.

Alexa has become a breakthrough in the tech industry because of its widespread use. You can make it play music, turn off the lights when you're lazy, keep up with the latest news, let you control your TV when you can't find the remote, and many other functions. You can also find Alexa on third-party devices that support Amazon's voice assistant.