Brown is the new black and here is how to make the most out of it


Black has always been considered the most classic color of all. Especially in the fashion industry, black has been reinvented many times, always landing more popular and dominant than before. Whether it came in a matte finish or high shine, black never goes out of style. It has been a ground base for many different collections, lines, and stories behind the fashion season.

The popularity of the black is undoubted. However, one new, equally popular shade that is taking over the color fashion scene is brown. It is the color of the silky brown leather, the color of the cocoa, the color of the chocolate. It is just the perfect mixture of mahogany and caramel that delivers wonderful brown shades. And for the new year, the brown is set to take over the dominate of black and become fashion's preferred hue. With that, the brown is set to become the new black.

According to the fashion experts, there has been a time in fashion where people were staying away from brown, mainly because of the all-black-everything phenomenon. But, with the focus on the natural hues, the brown shade is just the fresh version that makes it trendy color. Here are some fashion suggestions that will help you make the most out of the brown shade.

Mixing textures

Mixing textures is one of the most interesting fashion processes that a person can do to achieve an elegant and original look. It does require a bit of sense and style, but the results are more than satisfying. The brown shade here is an excellent option for trying and mixing textures, particularly because it greatly shows the dimension of the shade itself. For example, creamy silk contrasted against a ribbed knit piece will deliver a dynamic outfit.

Suited up

The brown suit has always carried a special tone of elegance and chicness. The chocolate-colored suit can easily be styled with some interesting ideas such as an argyle vest and white button-down shirt. This is a great look for winter. With the addition of chunky boots or loafers, you will get that trendy tone. For the summertime, the cropped top or a bralette and gold jewelry is a look you cannot go wrong with.

Graphic prints

Graphic prints look good on a brown suit, especially for those for like to experiment. This choice will show a maximalist fashion approach, it will be eye-catching and unique. The graphic pattern can also further be styled by mixing and matching other brown prints for an intense look.

Sporty brown

Brown is also great for a casual, sporty style, so brown athleisure pieces deliver an interesting and appealing feel. A great way to wear this color is to pick a sandy-colored tracksuit and match it with an accessory in brown shade.