10 accessory styling ideas that will make any outfit look expensive


Those who are closely following the fashion and at the same time enjoying it, know what accessories mean to an outfit. The clothes and the different clothing garments are indeed the essences of fashion, but the accessories are what create and show style. By maintaining a signature style one can easily adapt to the changing fashion trends, as well as keep up with them, without compromising the look.

The market today offers so many different kinds of accessories that can easily elevate any look and outfit and make you look more elegant and stylish. However, throwing the accessories just on will not do the work. There are some simple rules that if you follow, you will look elegant and chic at all times.

1.       Luxe silk scarf as a belt

We all know the power of a good silk scarf. Although it is usually worn wrapped around the neck, a new way that can elevate the look is to upgrade its role as a belt. It can double as a belt and help you break the classic piece into something fresh and new.

2.       Micro bags

Although the micro bags do not have a practical purpose, they can easily elevate the look if they are layered up as long necklaces. Whether you are wearing a monochromatic suit of neutral pieces, these accessories will instantly level up the outfit.

3.       Bow in the hair

Romantic and soft, the bow in the hair never gets out of style. But what will make your outfit stand out is to go for an oversized one, and put it on your pony.

4.       Chunky boots-  statement boots

Making the footwear stand out is easy. You just have to pick a more toned-down outfit and let the footwear be the centerpiece. The chunky boots here will play a great style upgrader.

5.       Bold bag

If you are used to buying bags in the expected and classic color, now is the time to opt for something different. The bold colors and textures are more than enough to elevate the look and deliver something unexpected and fashionable.

6.       Coordinated accessories

The return of the ‘90s era and channeling it through your own personal style can be best done with coordinated accessories like slim sunglasses and a choker necklace.

7.       Gloves

Gloves may be one of the most understated accessories. But, their power to elevate and outfit is truly great. Not only they are always in and trendy, but there is also an easy and practical way to add a dose of vintage sophistication to the outfit.

8.       Sleek heels for modern jeans

Jeans never go out of style. They are always trendy and stylish. But they will look more sophisticated if paired with sleek heels.

9.       Mixing colors

Keeping an outfit in similar colors might look boring, but if you finish with a bag that is a total contrast, then the look will be top-notch.

10.   Statement jewelry

Sometimes just a statement pendant necklace is more than enough to upgrade the look and the outfit.