Bad Dating Advice that you need to avoid


Friends and family members may be good at giving you advice, but that doesn't mean they are always right or their advice is the best.

1. Fighting hard is one of the worst advice people share with their peers in a relationship because it aims to make them look more popular. They believe that being unpleasant will make them want you more, but not everyone will do that. Some people may directly dislike someone who has too many attitudes and is difficult to reach.

2. Quarrels are normal, or normal couples have been quarreling. Although the ups and downs are an important part of the relationship, the ups and downs should be less than the ups and downs. Frequent quarrels and quarrels are not a sign of a healthy relationship, and partners should not normalize conflicts in the relationship.

3. If there is no spark, then it is not destined. It is weird to expect a spark or an instant connection immediately because it sets unrealistic expectations in people's minds before dating. It takes a while to build connections and meaningful relationships with people who are interested in dating.

4. If he is a gentleman, he will always get the bill. This idea that men must take care of dating financially is outdated and unhealthy. When both can easily split the bill between the two, it unnecessarily puts too much pressure on men! No one needs to prove that he is a "gentleman" through their financial dominance, but through manners, etiquette and personality.

5. Don't send text messages right away; let them wait. Delayed communication can cause problems in relationships, because not everyone likes to wait a few hours to get a response to a simple text. Over time, people lose interest because communication is the key to keeping the relationship active and healthy.

6. "Brother before the hoe." The whole idea of putting your friend before your partner is to belittle the romantic partner's status in a person's life. Friends and close partners are important in a person’s life, and they should learn how to maintain a balance between the two without making one person feel inferior to the other. They should also let both parties understand the importance of each other and maintain peace between them.

7. Be yourself. No, no. Don't be yourself, but be the best you can be. This dating suggestion normalizes being yourself without improving in any way. It is harmful to the concept of self-growth and improvement, because life is constantly evolving and humans always need to indulge in it. If your partner wants you to be a better person, then this advice will often discourage you.